Dodavatel technologických celků a staveb


The company LABSKÁ, strojní a stavební společnost s.r.o. (Engineering and building company, Ltd.) was established in 1992 and in 2001 this company merged with the firm STA-MO s.r.o..

The company as the general supplier of technological units and buildings has become a strong and prospective firm during the period of the last twelve years. It operated in two directions, from which one was the common deliveries of buildings on one side and specialized deliveries of technologies and steel structures especially for water management on the other side. In addition to the function of the general supplier the company also operates as a sub-contractor of building works, metalwork, earthworks, machining works, carpentry, joinery, electrical wiring and transportation including internal water traffic.

For the reason of the production quality enhancement, the control system of production was introduced in the company LABSKÁ, strojní a stavební společnost s.r.o. and in 1999 the company was also awarded with the certificate "Eligibility passport/Certificate of competency for production of steel structures".

Additionally, the company was audited by the National safety office for origination and manipulation of secret facts in the year 2002. In 2002, the quality control system ISO 9001 was certified for the following areas:

  • Production and erection of steel structures,
  • metalworking,
  • assembly, repair and maintenance of selected electrical equipments,
  • wood production,
  • metalwork and roofing,
  • execution of buildings including their changes, upkeeping of such buildings and their removal.

At present the company has been prepared for certification according to EN ISO 14 001. The main objective is the support of the environment protection and prevention of contamination in a balance with the social and economic needs.

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Labská a strojní stavební společnost s.r.o.
Kunětická 2679
530 09 Pardubice

Tel.: +420 466 415 706

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